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Selection of specifications
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Soft and comfortable fabric, soft rubber on the face, non-toxic and safe
The filler is PP cotton
Press the chest gently to listen to music
Built-in music box, need two AA batteries to start ( AA battery is not included )
Can participate in interaction, with a delicate small spoon, you can interact with baby feeding food, cultivate good habits of baby love
The head of the ear is soft and can be folded
Exquisite small spoon high-end design, using safe and non-toxic plastic, spoon can stretch
Can close eyes to sleep, embedded eyelash design
Tilt or stand the baby, the baby's eyes will open, the bright eyes are realistic, so that the child can't put it down
Package weight: 0.204 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Baby Doll, 1 x Small Spoon
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$ 1.60 $ 5.35

SKU: 313576201

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