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Main Features:
Made of high-quality PU material, close to the skin, good touch, non-toxic
Multi-position adjustment, arm stick and belly stick, meet the training needs
A physical exercise device that strengthens your muscles to keep your body in good shape
Using advanced technology, scientifically exercising your muscles will not hurt your body
Adhesive pad, if you feel uncomfortable during training, you can immediately clean the dirty side with a wet towel and paste it
• It has the effect of detoxifying and nourishing the skin, promoting blood circulation and eliminating back pain and relieving fatigue
• Powered by 300mAh lithium battery
Type: Abdominal Trainer
Functions: Arm,Back,Belly,Leg,Other
Package weight: 0.295 kg
Package Content: 3 x Host, 2 x Arm Sticker, 1 x Belly Sticker, 1 x Charging Cable
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$ 10.17

SKU: 283052601

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