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It is a kit of allen head socket hex screws.
Made of anti-rust and durable stainless steel material for long time use
Assorted package with a plastic box for easy carry and store

Material: Stainless steel
20pcs allen head screw: M1 x 3 x 2mm
20pcs allen head screw: M2 x 4 x 2mm
20pcs allen head screw: M3 x 5 x 2mm
20pcs allen head screw: M4 x 6 x 2mm
20pcs allen head screw: M5 x 4 x 3mm
20pcs allen head screw: M6 x 5 x 3mm
20pcs allen head screw: M7 x 6 x 3mm
20pcs allen head screw: M8 x 5 x 4mm
20pcs allen head screw: M9 x 7 x 4mm
20pcs allen head screw: M10 x 6 x 5mm
20pcs allen head screw: M11 x 10 x 5mm
20pcs allen head screw: M12 x 7 x 6mm
Types: Allen Head Socket Hex Set Grub Screw
Application Scope: Machine tools and accessories
Package size (L x W x H): 17.50 x 10.50 x 2.50 cm / 6.89 x 4.13 x 0.98 inches
Package weight: 0.229 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 17.00 x 10.00 x 2.00 cm / 6.69 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches
Product weight: 0.180 kg
Package Contents: 240 x Allen Head Socket Hex Set Grub Screw, 1 x Plastic Box
240pcs Black Allen Head Socket Hex Grub Screw

D. Lynn

2018-01-10 00:32:13

I bought this system to replace the pre-installed water filter in my new home. The builders system was installed by a local company, filters are proprietary and $125-150 per pair, every 6 months. Instead of paying that much for a two stage filter replacement every 6 months, I looked for alternatives. I decided on the APEC after the glowing reviews and Built in USA tagline. What isn't immediately clear is that only 3 of the filters in this system need replacing every 6 months, for around $25 in total. The other 2 only need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Not bad in my opinion.It took me only 30 minutes to install the system, as I already had the extra drinking water faucet installed, 1/4' tubing, and quick disconnects. The only thing I had to install was the drain valve, by drilling into my waste water pipe. When you do this step, its imperative that the hole drilled lines up well with the waste water clamp hole. After drilling the 1/4' hole into your PVC drain, I recommend holding the

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Doreen Warner

2018-01-08 09:16:18

So, I never thought that I'd be 'that girl' that needed a filter for the shower -- but then I moved to South Texas. :) The water here is terrible! I couldn't figure out why my hair was looking a bit trashy, until I thought about how damaging the water was on everything else. I promptly ordered the Culligan Shower head, and have now had that for 6 months. This is my first replacement filter, but I can honestly say that it has made all the difference in my hair. I regularly get highlights, so I always do everything needed to keep my hair in the best condition -- and this shower head and filter has been wonderful! My aunt came to town and used my shower, and said that she loved it, too. I highly recommend this shower head/filter combo! Just make sure you replace your filter every 6 months or so!

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Kami Bennett

2017-04-15 06:49:19

Ordered a pair of these glasses. First arrived with a large cluster of scratches on the right lens which is my dominant and shooting eye. The scratches while not terrible looking upon initial inspection were bad enough to become noticeable while wearing them.I thus ordered a replacement from Chinabrands and while the new pair is better, it still has scratches on the lens right out of the pack.Either the QC really sucks or the blister pack these glasses come in aren't protective enough resulting in the lenses getting scratched during shipment.***UPDATES BELOW***I received my 3rd pair of glasses from Chinabrands after returning the first two scratched up pairs. The third pair is perfect. I liked them so much, I bought another set, but this time the one that came with two additional different colored lenses which were also perfect. So, the two I received earlier must have just come from a bad batch. All in all, these are great as long as you get ones without defects on the polymer len

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2016-05-17 11:13:11

Good product, well built and handy. My husband would like to see one in metric sizes and one in standard as they don't exchange evenly except for 1/2'. It would be nice to have just 2 tools that they could grab off their toolbox and go take care of business. For around the house it is perfect, but for a mechanic it wouldn't always do the job. I like how easy it is to grab and go and know I will have what I need. Would recommend to my friends.

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2016-02-21 06:29:26

The device itself is really straight-forward to use with the app. The hardest part about using this is setting it up. Nowhere in the instructions does it make it easy and clear how to enable this controller with your non-smart garage door openers. When in fact, it's fairly simple to do if you understand how these devices operate with the openers. Keep in mind, this is a WIRED network device, and it is able to communicate with the garage door opener via the same wireless signal that comes from one of those wireless number pads or the little 3-button garage door opener buttons that you might put on your visor. It's not Wifi, it's a different frequency band. It can also connect to more than one device from a single gateway. I have two garage doors in my house, and I can control both of them with this one device. Here's how I got it working.1. I plugged it into my router with the provided cables. This is straightforward, and you should see lights on both the router and device light up when

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Madeline Moreno

2016-02-03 14:19:05

At our old house, we had a complete smart home system so we could see when people were coming and going, and also had cameras inside. We bought a new house and haven't installed anything yet, but were going on vacation and was worried about the house sitter coming over consistently to feed our animals. We bought this as a quick fix, and worked great. We could see every time he came and went, but of course, if he just went to take the trash out, we didn't know if he was doing that, or leaving. It was quick and easy to install, and the app works great as well on the rare occasion we forgot to close our garage door (on top of just keeping an eye on the house when we aren't home).

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