2.4m Milk White Single Needle 4500k 10PCS

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Listing time: 10/23/2019

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1.LED tube light with TA8 base -5500K daylight white color,can give very bright light output,CRI is over 80. These light can be used indoor or outdoor(with no direct exposure to water),can work in -20C to 50C temperature condiitions.

2.Save 65% Instantly-Save 65% on your electricity bill.Replace 100 Watt fiuorescent tubes with 45 Watt LED tube(lighting output 4800 lumens)

3.Easy installation-Interational standard shape for 8 ft tube light FA8 base,Easily fitted instead of traditional fluorescent tube lamps,please remerber to bypass the starter and ballast before installation.Wire positive one end and negative to the other end.

4.Hassle free warranty- free 5 years product unlimited warranty is offered to our customers,email us for any query and we will be in touch within 24 hours ,Replacement or efund will be provided for your preference.

5.Safe Shipping-paper tube package,shipping from USA directly,Products do not need to go through long distance transportation.can ensure the led tube light to your region safely.
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