Portable Mini USB PC Car Laptop Fridge Cooler Refrigerator Warmer

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Listing time: 06/08/2018

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It can be heated and cooled. The maximum temperature inside the box is about 45 to 60 degrees Celsius, The minimum temperature inside the refrigeration box is 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. The heating and cooling of the product is based on the semiconductor electrode principle and does not contain Freon.
This device is suitable for USB interface computer and related equipment, no battery, small size, easy to carry
Magnetic door LED light: Magnetic door design, very easy to open and close. Built-in green/red LED indicator, green cooling, red heating
Suitable cups type: cans, 350ml-600ml bottled water, beverages, coffee, dairy products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Have to cautions: 1. Local heating of carbonated drinks and other similar liquids is not available. 2. Do not pour the liquid directly into the cabinet. 3. This machine should be kept away from moisture 4. Do not touch this unit with wet hands. 5. Unplug the power plug when it is disabled. 6. Keep the vents clean and free from obstructions.
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