UltraFire XM-T6 500LM 3-Position Light Focusing Headlamps

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Listing time: 11/26/2017

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Gear: 3 files, namely: high, low, distress signal Material: aluminum alloy Range: 100M Lamp beads Model: XM-T6 Charging Type: AC 100-240V Charger (not included) Battery: Built-in battery, use of time: about 6 hours (according to different stalls use different time), lighting a long time, low fever and other advantages Widely used in: agricultural, field operations, underground mining, field exploration and so on.


2017-05-19 13:27:55

Металлическое кольцо фокусировки, удобная фиксация на голове и наличие встроенного аккумулятора с гнездом подзарядки.

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