FULL SPEED F3 2S Flight Tower with OSD 20 x 20 Mounting Hole 20A ESC Support Dshot600

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Listing time: 11/22/2017

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Item name: Mini F3 2S Flight Tower
Mini F3 2S flight control board:
Product size: 27 x 27 x 16mm
Mounting hole: 20 x 20mm
Mounting hole diameter: 2mm
Product weight: 3.1g
Processor: STM32
Sensor: MPU6000 ( connected by SPI )
Firmware version: BetaFlight 3.1.0 OMNIBUS
Built-in ESC: 5V 1A
Receiver: PPM, Spektrum 1024 / 2048, SBUS, XBUS, SumD SumH RX etc.
Power supply: 2 - 4S LiPo battery

-Support programmable LED Spirit ( turn off transponder before using )
-Support BLHeli suite
-Support the newest Dshot ESC
-Built-in voltage detection, alarm
-Built-in OSD
-Buzzer solder pin
-LED-STRIP connector
-BB ring

Mini F3 2S ESC board:
Size: 27 x 27 x 5mm
Mount hole: 20 x 20mm
Firmware version: BLHeli-S 16.5
Lipo battery: 2 - 4S
Con. current: 20A
Peak current: 25A ( 10S )
Programming: yes
BetaFlight passthrough ready
Dshot600 ready ( Default )
Support Dshot600
Damped light on

Norwich Terrier

2018-04-19 18:29:27

full speed and top fc

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Marie Martorella

2018-04-08 23:50:48

I have Leader 120 drone and tower is OK. That's why I ordered this tower but it was nor original Full Speed it is some other different fornet or something.... I build it and working very well... so no complain.. anyway it was cheap!

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Draven Lord

2018-03-08 08:25:45

Compact build with minimal wiring

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2018-01-12 06:25:52

This is the same stack used in the leader 120 and that quad is freaking awesome (I own one) I was so impressed I wanted to base another build off its design so I picked this on sale for only 25 bucks! There is literally no other fight controller + 20a 4in1esc combo anywhere that you can find at a price like that. As far as the setup goes its super easy to wire up and the diagrams are posted here on the site to help w\/ breaking things down and with some good 1104s on this thing its a beast.

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ER Sid

2017-05-28 09:42:42

it works very well and my quad flys and flies very well imm pretty supprised by the form fator to onnet your rx you have to turn on serial rxon uart 3 wih took a while to work out

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Clyde Belgrave

2017-04-15 21:12:37

Fc found on the Leader 120 - mind this is the v1.

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2017-01-07 21:55:54

Freeshipping でしたが、

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2016-04-20 05:49:29

Price when they go on sale for $25 again i will be
easy to wire
20a esc
works great on 3s don't know why they advertise it as 2s
I have 4 fullspeed RTF drones and this stack is used in all of them
I have included some pic's of the builds I have used this setup in

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Christopher Dennard

2016-01-15 14:16:50

I bought this stack for a 2" build. Flashed the F3 board with latest betaflight firmware and it has been working fine. Haven't testest the 4 in esc board but the quality of board looks good. Bought it during the sale so the price is unbeatable for a 20x20 stack with a F3 board with OSD and a 20A 4in1 esc board.

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