Star Point Noctilucent Trilateral Pattern ABS Hand Spinner Toy

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Listing time: 06/27/2017

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Finger spinner is a new plane rotation toy which is composed of a two-way or multi-way symmetry part as the main body and a bearing embedded into the middle of the main body.
Its principle is similar to the traditional gyroscope, but it needs you to use the fingers to grasp and strike for rotating.

Main Features:

- Easy operation
Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it, spin time about 1.5 minutes ( this depends on the power you use to spin ).

- Not just a toy
The spinner is appropriate to the anxiety, stress, nail biting and ADHD sufferers for distracting their attention so as to relieve pain, in addition, it is beneficial to smoking cessation, drinking abstinence, hypnosis etc.

- High-quality materials
When putting the spinner in the darkness, the luminous design makes it looks like stars in the sky.
ABS material that provides a nontoxic and durable product for you, the steel bearings bring low noise and long spin time.

- Compact and portable
Light in weight, just put it in your bag, pocket or even your hand, such a cuddly hand toy, convenient to carry at anytime and anywhere.

- Learning and fun
Promoting your kid's concentration and intelligence through a fun game ( suitable for adults and kids over 3 years old ).

1. The color of the product is random.
2. Please clean the bearings with alcohol.
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