0.6W 12V 10pcs Multifunctional 3000K 50LM Recessed LED Spotlight Flashlight for Cabinet Lighting

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Listing time: 01/06/2017

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This recessed LED light kit is the perfect way to brighten up the the house or office with your own style and enhance the environment with a bright atmosphere.

- SMD LED technology, super-light, environmental and energy-saving with long lifespan
- Transparent housing, high-transmittance, anti-fog and anti-glare to give you a soft and comfortable experience
- Integrated design, lamp body and power is integrated, compact and easy to dissipate heat
- Recessed installation with male-female connectors, easy to install and remove
- 10pcs included, enough for use

Ideal for all recessed lighting applications, such as living room, bathroom, dining room, bathroom, etc.

- Power: 0.6W
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Single bulb lumen: 50LM
- Color temperature: 3000K
- Waterproof level: IP67
- Total length: 1M
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