ROCK Mula Stereo In-ear Earphone with Microphone 3.5mm

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Listing time: 03/09/2016

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Main Features:
3.5mm Plug, compatible with most of devices
Aluminum alloy housing with CNC machine mold presents metallic gloss
Exquisite knurling on earphone looks aesthetic and stylish
Metal audio cavity reduces the impact of cavity resonance to deliver better audio effect
Composite vibrating diaphragm enables it provides more smooth vibration, harmonic, natural tone and spacious lows performance
Low distortion, good performance delivers Hi-Fi audio effect
The control unit is easy to press with long service life and high-performance microphone provides clear voice
Braided composite cable is flexible and anti-winding with long service life and reduces microphone noise
You can answer or refuse a call directly with it
Support song switch
Material: Aluminum alloy, nylon, silicone
Speaker sensitivity: 93 ( Plus or minus 3dB )
Rated input power: 3mW
Operation temperature: Minus 10 centigrade degree to 40 centigrade degree


Ken Wright

2018-04-12 10:07:12

A quality set of headphones. They fit comfortably in the ear and have a solid bass quality, not overpowering, which is one of the first things I look for while searching for ear buds.The sound quality, in general, is perfect I think.I've used so many buds where I have to turn the volume up on my device because the sound is too low, but with this pair, 'I don't have to fidget with the volume to be able to listen. Definitely worth the money

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Gerald E.

2018-03-09 05:26:36

Very good sound quality
Very good for the price
Will buy again

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2018-03-03 18:16:14

Excellent product as stated in the description

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2018-01-20 11:24:11

It has metal parts (not plastic)
Convenient rope wire
Good sound without noise
Beautiful design
It has a microphone

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2016-05-22 12:33:32

Very beautiful voice
At a reasonable price
Conform to the specifications mentioned

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M Ryan

2016-05-20 01:12:10

i think these are the best earphones for the price

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kristine evans

2016-05-17 23:50:01

very high quality , durable and stylish. i like it

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Marissa J.

2016-02-25 11:23:26

i very liked this
awesome price
good !!!!!!!

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2016-02-24 04:56:55

the quality is okey but not best for the price

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The Hamoudi

2016-01-28 04:53:45

Наушники полностью оправдывают покупку: металл, хороший провод, сборка, звук.

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2016-01-15 23:49:34

хорошенькие наушники , прикольный цвет , дизайн , звук , качество маиериалов на высоте ,)

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