COLORS HS-700D Self-adjusting Insulation Wire Stripper Cutter

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Listing time: 07/28/2015

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HS-700D Self-adjusting Insulation Wire Stripper Cutter
This is 2-in-1 self-adjusting insulation wire stripper / cutter. It is the simplest and fastest way to strip plastic or rubber insulation of single, multiple cables and wires of 0.25 - 6 square millimeter. You just need to set the strip length, then insert a wire into the jaws and squeeze the handles, now you're finished. Stripping diameter can be adjusted automatically for different wire cross sections. In addition, it can be used as a wire cutter, place the wire between cutter blades, close the handles fully and the wire was cut off, perfect for copper and aluminum wires that multiple strand up to 6 square millimeter or single strand up to 0.25 square millimeter. No damaging to the conductor core, long lifetime, easy to carry......It is perfect for you!


2018-04-01 23:08:35

хороший станок для зачистки проводов,COLORS HS-700D,быстрая доставка,низкая цена,рекомендую!

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2018-03-10 19:14:38

Excellent stripper. From his work to cope with a bang. Good helper for the electrician.

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2017-04-21 01:08:48

Very high quality and quick shipping

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Jeffrey Picard

2017-03-17 22:44:50

good quality
low price

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Nicholas V. Kroeze

2017-01-22 06:45:31

best wire cutter on the market, very nice item

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Dorothea Brooke

2016-05-13 18:19:02

It really works the way it should.
The material appear to be strong and will last a good time.
You can set it to cut multiple length cables.

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Cindy Biehl

2016-03-27 06:19:58

Solid tool, and it works well. Easy to use and adjust.

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