GH - 600 Portable 4GB Digital Voice Recorder / MP3 Player with LCD Display

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Listing time: 02/14/2015

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Digital voice recorder is a kind of dictation machine, which is a sound recording device most commonly used to record speech for later playback. It is portable and practical, and can be taken anywhere to record audio from meetings, conversations, phone calls, surveillance and so on. You can also use the recorder for repeating directions while you are answering the phone. This digital voice recorder will work perfectly.

Main Features:
1. 2 in 1: 4GB digital voice recorder + MP3 player
2. 4GB lager internal memory
3. LCD digital screen
4. A-B repeat function, suitable for learning and take down, and support MP3 music playing
5. Built-in high-power speaker, earphone and speaker can be switched intelligent, outstand acoustic
6. Records telephone conversations, lectures, meetings, interviews
7. Built-in rechargeable battery
8. Professional appearance design, easy to carry

Dan Reay

2018-03-25 12:48:39

I have 3 grandkids that are 3 and under. I love the toddler stages when they are learning so much every day. I like to capture their sweet little voices when they are singing a new song they just learned or reciting the alphabet and to be able to play it over whenever I want. They are not little for long and these times are precious. I also am in to genealogy and use recorders at family reunions when relatives tell stories and experiences of their lives. I love how compact it is, how easy it is to use, and how good playback sounds.

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Alexandra K

2017-02-14 09:05:45

Excellent product! Exactly what I needed. The camera is very well hidden and nearly unnoticeable. Easy to install and set up. Don't have to worry now about what's happening when I'm not at home.

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Diva Mama

2017-01-27 13:16:17

I can always see my home what happen

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