TW800 DC 12V 2-way Car Security Alarm System 1.5km Remote Control Distance

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Listing time: 09/21/2019

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Production Information
Main features:
- This system helps you monitor your vehicle at an ultra-long distance, remote control distance up to 1.5km, signal receiving distance up to 3km in an open area.
- These 2 powerful transmitters with LCD display could monitor the vehicle status and battery voltage in real time.
- It could also close the car window after locking your car, eliminating the worry of locking the car without closing the window.
- With handbrake monitoring function, installing our TW800 system could prevent unnecessary accidents or losses caused by the handbrake not being pulled up.
- The transmitter is with 190mAh Li-ion battery. You could charge it up by using the USB charging cable when it is in low power.
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