BRELONG WT - F12 Mini USB Cooling Fan Negative Ion Air Cooler 150ml Night Light Fan Humidifier

SKU: 451371701

Listing time: 06/19/2019

Supply state No Longer Sell

Production Information
Main Features
● Can be used as a fan, humidifier, purification and cooling integrated cooling fan
● Environmental protection and energy saving, retro style
● Beautiful, but also with night light function
150ml integrated water tank, sustainable cooling and humidification for 8 hours
● It can effectively purify air, PM2.5, odor and other contaminant, making the air fresher
● Release one million negative ions with one button, you can feel the fresh air better and bring you a healthier life
● Brushless motor with high speed and low noise, stable and quiet, low sound, does not affect sleep
Lightweight, no space on the desktop, small size, does not affect the fan's air performance
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