LED Night Fishing Float Bobber Intelligent Fish Bite Indicator Light 3pcs

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Listing time: 01/18/2019

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Production Information
Sensitive:The lights will (Strobe)immediately when the fish bite the hook.
Durable:The Bobber comes with a 3V button battery.which can last work for more than 80 hours.
Multifunction:Suitable for daytime and night fishing,Amazing performance during night fishing.

Lightweight and water resistant.
Visible from 100 yards.
Intelligent lighting, the light will be green when still, the light will becomes red when the fish comes to the hook.
It can give you a quick response when fish bites the hook.
It can avoid the wave interference and help you get easy fishing.
This bobber has good buoyancy and it can float on the top of the water.
Bright color can attract big fish.
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