New Technology Advanced Vacuum Blender Fruit Juicer Highest Speed Blender

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Listing time: 11/13/2017

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Production Information
Main Feature :
• Vacumm blending of our new blender makes no color changed, no scum, no oxidized and no separated best fresh juice not like conventional blender
• The vacuum causes the material being blended to expand, resulting in finer processing of ingredients

• The unique hexa-blade system utilizes 8 blades at different angles. Combined with a powerful 30,000 rpm motor and the reduced resistance from vacuum blending, ingredients are pulverized to a fine consistency
• The vaccum blender offers the choice of an analog dial for variable speed control, or a fully automatic “one-touch” control that removes the air, pulses the ingredients, and then blends them until smooth
• It has a big capacity of 1.5 L blending jar, which made from Tritian BPA free material
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