Lehoo LEH0375 Smart Cup Drinking Reminder Alarm with Water Quality Inspection

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Listing time: 09/28/2016

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This is not only a cup but also a smart water detecting instrument. This smart cup can test your water quality and use the different colors to show the testing result. Owning it, you don't need to worry about forgetting to drink, the smart cup can remind you of drinking water at the right time and help you to form a good drinking habit. The humanized design of the touch sensor makes it more convenient for you to begin your water detecting process. This is also a great gift for your kids, parents, and friends, to make their life better.

Main Features:
Accurate water quality monitoring
Tested more than 1000 times, the testing result is accurate and correct
Your water drinking reminder
With the setting of scientific timetable, the smart cup pushes the prompt at the correct time to remind you of drinking water, it can help you to cultivate a proper water drinking habit
Water temperature sensor
You can see the water temperature at any time from the LED display, and drink your water at the proper temperature
Touch sensor
When you hold the cup, it will show the degree of water purity and temperature immediately; when you do not touch it, it will be standby
304 stainless steel tank
Safe and environmentally friendly, resistance to high temperature and corrosion
It uses 2 x AAA battery (not included), the slot is on the bottom of the cup
Capacity: 350ml

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